About Us

Network90 Club has attracted talent to invest and position the organisation within the marketplace.

Founding Shareholder
Luís Figo

As one of the greatest midfielders ever seen in international football, Luís Figo has played at the highest level with Clubs including Barcelona and Inter Milan. He was of course the first Galáctico for Real Madrid and has won the prestigious Ballon d’Or. He has had the honour of captaining for his country Portugal. He is also a successful businessman involved with many projects including Network 90 Club and a passionate philanthropist notably with the Luís Figo Foundation.

Founding Shareholder
Luke Donald

Winning golf accolades since he was 15 years old, Luke Donald has played professionally since 2001 earning PGA Player of the Year, European Player of the Year and of course reaching No. 1 world ranking as well as a four time Ryder Cup winner. He was awarded an MBE in 2012 for services to golf. English by birth, Scottish by heritage, Luke spends most of the year in the States playing and developing his business interests which includes the Luke Donald wine collection, painting and collecting art.

We are currently securing an additional global icon to join Luís and Luke to engage golf and football professionals. Our sports icons are available for sports related appearances and talks – click here.


Steven Morris from ESM Investors provides business credibility having been a successful entrepreneur and serial investor. He represents the investors past, present and future, and provides a strategic overview of Club activities.

Operational Team

A new operational team has recently been put in place to reposition Network90 Club. The team has extensive background in global luxury and sporting brands including Carnegie Club, JaguarLandRover and various sport and acting professionals.


Our Ambassadors engage online with members as well as promote the organisation at events. They are all active in sports and support our partnership projects.


Network90 Club began in 2013 as an online networking platform for football professionals and quickly expanded to the golf community. Membership has been free to date and activity focused on sharing job opportunities. Around 14,000 members from across the world have registered and there is regular online communication.

Having built a bespoke digital platform for both sets of members, the investors took time to reflect on how they wanted to grow the business. Just like their founding shareholders Luís and Luke, there was an appetite and ambition to take it to the next level.

In 2017, and with a new operational team we aim to do just that. Network90 Club will position itself to engage online with more members, widening to women, disabled and retired professionals, consolidating the football and golf platforms into one, making it easier to promote job opportunities and showcase global talent, take advantage of online learning skills, and hear direct from the founding shareholders Luís and Luke and their own professional networks.

We are securing investment to scale the platform. Want to be part of this exciting journey?